Do you want to work with us at the farm?

Volunteer work here

Are you interested in Volunteering with us?

We have had WWOOFERS ( Willing Workers On Organic Farms ) for 3 years now, and have both meet some wonderful people on our way, and also gotten a lot of good help.

We would like Volunteers to stay for minimun a month and prefer longer. We provide food and accommodation, for work and cultural exchange. We have a volunteer appartment for you to stay at the farm.

Work talks will vary with the season, but everything from daily checking the animals, fencing, general maintenance, help in the slaugthery season and smaller projects will be on the agenda. We prefer that you have worked manual before, and best if you have some experience with things, but we have learned that a great spirit and the willingness to learn is the most important :)

Here is what our previous wwoofers has said about us on Volunteer World review pages( The max score of 5 inn all the aspects; sosical impact, safety, support, freetime activities and value. )

Antonio, 24, Engineer,  Spain

The experience that changed my life (5/5 score ) 

I don’t even know how to describe this experience… First of all, Live, Kristoffer and the rest of the family are one of the best people that I’ve ever met. Their values, mindset and hard work are an inspiration for anyone who want to discover this volunteering experience. They have always present the respect for the nature and animals, the sustainable procedures and the good energy through all of this. I deeply recommend this kind of experience to achieve another point of view of the world.

Florian, 24, Metal worker, Germany : 

What a time! (5/5 score ) 

"I came to the Farm in late winter/early spring, and my first Impression was: yeah this feels right! I got greeted by the host Live with a big hug and a friendly smile, we shared the same good vibe from the start, and it didn't die down the whole time i was there, kristoffer, the other host is great to work with, i literally had fun every day! The location is really remote, settled in a beautiful valley, perfect for little exploration trips, you will always find something nice and exciting there, and trips with the family were so nice, i felt like a climbing tree for the kids sometimes but that's totally fine, they were two absolute cuties <3 i also had more than enough me time there, and when i wanted to go somewhere, there was mostly someone to drive me to my destination, i really do share a special bond to live and kristoffer and had the time of my life! If you're happy and looking for adventure, and a great time working at a farm, welcome, you found your place! "

Domenik, 25, Engineer, Germany 

Amazing farm, amazing people ( 5/5 score ) 

I‘ve been there for almost two months, and I really enjoyed this time on the farm. Me and the two french wwoofers stayed together in a flat. It was a nice mixure of cooking on our own and getting invited of the family for lunch or dinner. The daily routine is to check the pigs, sheeps, cats and the horse. You get a lot of diversified tasks, and help them with all kind of work. If you need a day off you can take their bikes or do a walk in the nature. Live and Kristoffer are very open minded and they and their family speak english very well, so I also had interesting conversations to their siblings and parents. I‘m sure I would directly do it again.

Alexis, 27, Engineer , France 

Amazing experience in a Norwegian farm (5/5 score) 

It was my first volunteer experience and it was great! They are very kind family, the farm is very well located, close to the mountain and a lake, and we have bikes and kayak available during free time. I had a very good time with Liv and Kristoffer and all the family who are very nice. The wwoofers home it is very good, warm, well equiped and we eat good food. It is really a good place to discover about farm, Norwegian lifestyle and have good time. 


Louie, 24, Engineer France:

"What an amazing experience, in an amazing family ! This young family will welcome you in her beautiful farm and make you fill good during your trip. "

Charles, 19, Biology studies , France:

" Nedre Skinnes Gård Norefjell is just an idyllic place. I'm a french student who stayed with them for almost 2 months and I felt there like in my own family, you will be surrounded by animals : cats, dogs, horses, sheeps and pigs. I lived with very nice persons during my internship such as the members of their family first of all : very king children, grandparents or their siblings. At the time I've been here, there were some slaughter days for pigs and sheeps. You will probably be with other woofers at this moment and be able to meet wonderful persons. Slaughter days are not scary at all, they take care very much of their animals so that they don't suffer. I learned so many things in the farm like the process from the death of the pig to the end product and meat delivery. Moreover this is a biodynamic farm so everything they use are very natural and good for the environment. We have also worked on cabins where they welcome guests next to the lake : this place is really amazing ! The mood of the family is very convivial, funny, kind and well workers ; furthermore when the landscape is covered by snow it's even more fantastic. " 

Stine, 37, MBA ecomomics , Norway 

I went to Skinnes to help out with lambing in April 2022. This Job is the best I ever had. Live and Kristoffer gave us Basic instructions and then we could handle most of it ourself. Between feeding and check ups with the sheeps and their lambs we helped out with other maintainace work at the farm, such as painting, fence fixing and wood. Live and Kristoffer is very nice and accomodating and we were well taken care of. 

Sooo, send me an e-mail if this sounds interesting!? :D

And - please ; check out this video that was made by our WWOOFER Antonio :)


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